Friday, July 12, 2013

EVENT | T.O Food Fest Part 5 - a second stomach for desserts

The T.O Food Fest series is finally coming to a close. It was such an amazing experience to try all those new things and support local caterers and chefs!

We previously posted about Francesca Bakery with the rice balls but they also do desserts! Those macarons look amazing!

They also sell boxed baked gifts which make an excellent gift for your family and friends or even favours at a party or event!
I've heard about nitrogen ice cream on the show Dragon's Den but I've never actually seen it or tried it before. It's essentially ice cream made with nitrogen so it only takes about 90 seconds and you'll have fresh and tasty ice cream to eat! Great job Ice Volcano!
We got to sample the Mango Nitrogen Ice Cream. It tasted exactly like the real thing and it was very creamy and fresh! It's made right in front of you so you'll know it has not been sitting in the freezer for a long time!
Last but not least was Gusta.  Hard to tell what they were offering eh?

Cola Bomb! It's basically a shooter and as you can see from the diagram, the cola is formed into a ball that's the center of the creation along with some strawberry foam, caramel, burnt pineapple gel and salt!

It was very interesting to see the cola contained in the ball and consumed as a shooter with the other ingredients. The end result was a very refreshing snack/drink. This would definitely impress at a dinner party!

Our bellies are all full now thanks to all the amazing good, so until next year T.O Food Fest!

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